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A Digital Platform to help
Expand your International
Outreach with Ease
& Convenience

Our powerful digital platform enables Partner Institutes to scale up their recruitment in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Accelerate your Recruitment

We leverage our strong existing network of recruitment counsellors and agents combined with our powerful digital platform to help streamline admission applications to ensure.

Eligible Applications Assured

Our system is designed to filter our unqualified applications at each stage. We also have a thorough document verification system to prevent fraudulent applications and ensure you only receive the best matched students.

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High Quality Applications

Thanks to our strong existing agency network in-country, we are able to select only the most eligible quality applicants for admissions. This saves you the time and hassle of having to filter out unqualified applications.

Create Diversity on Campus

International students contribute immensely to the multi-cultural fabric of universities, academically as well as in day-to-day campus life.

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Real Time Reporting and Data Intelligence

Take advantage of our advanced digital platform’s real time analytics & reporting capabilities to modify and optimise your recruitment strategy.

Targeted Marketing for each region

Our digital platform enables you to carry out targeted marketing activities to promote certain programme/offers or to reach out students in specific regions.

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