An efficient four step
process to get you
up and running.

We’ve designed a comprehensive process right from initial the training and onboarding stage to working on our digital platform to successfully create admission applications for your students.

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Step 1

Join the Network

It all begins when you take the first step and fill out the inquiry form or get in touch with us directly. Once we have your information, a member of our team will reach out and arrange a brief meet and greet.

Step 2

Training & Knowledge Sharing

We typically begin by training you and your team on how to use our digital software along with, the ins and outs of the international education recruitment business.

This process typically continues as we continue to provide guidance and support as and when required.

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Step 3

Admission Applications

Once you and your team have completed our training, you are now ready to actually begin making admission applications for your students.

The platform enables you to create multiple applications with a single click. This eliminates the need for repetitive tasks and streamlines the process considerably.

Step 4

Search, Compare, Share and Confirm Admission with your Student

EDCAS’s digital platform allows you to quickly and easily search and compare ideal universities for your students as well as create mutiple applications with a single click.

You can also interact with university representatives online and receive confirmation of admission and your commissions, all online.

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