The Complete
Digital Application for
Study Abroad Counsellors
and Agents.

Empowering study abroad counsellors with an advanced digital platorm, knowledge, training and an excellent support system aimed at advancing international education and student mobility.

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Industry Specific
In-built Features

We started out in the international education industry ourselves over a decade ago. So, when it came to creating a software platform, we knew exactly which features consultants would need.

instant eligbility check
eligbility check

With just your student’s basic background & educational information you can instantly check their eligibility across a wide range of universities across the UK.

instant eligbility check
Multiple applications
with one-click

Creating multiples applications can be incredibly time consuming. We’ve simplified the process so once you ‘ve created your student’s profile, you can instantly generate new applications.

instant eligbility check
extensive training
and knowledge sharing

New to the industry. Not to worry. We have an experienced resourceful team that will get you started with the right training and knowledge set.

instant eligbility check
support eco-system

By joining EDCAS you are truly becoming part of a close knit network. To ensure your success we continually provide support to our recruiters.

instant eligbility check
industry leading
commissions & bonuses

We consider our Recruitment Agents to be one of our most highly valued asset and provide excellent commissions and bonuses for student placements.

instant eligbility check
popular Uk universities
on single platform

We’ve been in the industry for over a decade. Over time, we’ve built up partnerships with some of the most popular universities in the UK.

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